Friday, November 07, 2008

Gi•nt's Eye Rehearsal, Altered

So I got it in my head to post videos of all the "background fodder" I used for Gi•nt's Eye.  Some of it is pretty cool, and a lot of it doesn't show up on the current videos I have online (since it was a 2 night performance, the projected video changed from one night to the other).  For right now, let me just post this one.  It's from a rehearsal of Gi•nt's Eye, with the dancers experimenting and the piano being controlled by MaxMSP.  Keep in mind the piano programming (at the time the video was recorded) has NO MELODY and NO ADDITIONAL PEOPLE playing live.  The result is loud and "whack whack whack" but kind of dull :)

I added some video filtering (ghosting, saturation) and captured the film to use as a quasi-dynamic background, on which I mixed real time video during the performance.  Enjoy:

Update: After adding all these videos, I'm starting to get very serious about the idea of including a video section.  Maybe after DMA applications are sent out!  In the mean time, here's another video of a performance from the Boulder library that I altered in a similar way for the performance.