Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More Video Goodies

Two goodies actually. The CU pendulum website has a link to two performances I was a part of last season. The first is a video of a performance of Steve Reich's Clapping Music that I happen to be in (3rd from the left). The second is a performance of Phil Kline's Unsilent Night. You can see my face for only a single frame, 1 minute 17 seconds in - on the very right edge of the window. Also note, 21 seconds in features my fantastic handwriting on the CD-Rs. You can check both out below:

Monday, July 14, 2008

New Gi•nt's Eye Videos

Better late than never. Here are a few movements from one of the Gi•nt's Eye performances that happened last April. Click on the videos for a brief description on who the performers are, who the audience is, what is improvised, and where the computer is coming into play. Enjoy!

Movement 1 (The "Launch" Movement)
Live audience member on piano, with reactive piano-playing computer algorithm.

Movement 2 (The "Fantasy Game" Movement)
Improvised dance, improvised music reacting to a movement-sensitive digital body suit. Real time audio and video processing.

Movement 4 (The "Valentine" Movement)

Movement 5 (The "So Long" Movement)
Soprano vocalist, live piano, computer controlled piano, and offstage flute, trumpet, ebow, saxophone. Poetry by Serena Chopra (created in Mvmt 4). Improvisational music.