Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Double the Saxes = Double the Fun?

Before you ask--yes, I am playing two saxophones at once (and it's not overdubbed).

There are three recordings floating around of my new piece Laplace Transformers, a duet for saxophone and percussion. The links above are for the full recording (14 Mb, mp3) and a short portion of the score. If this file-size is too big, there is a shorter clip on the compositions page. This particular recording features Ben Rose on percussion and myself on saxophone.

One thing I really like about this piece is that every time it's performed, it sounds different. Music (at least my music) shouldn't be played the same way twice; I want to allow the performers a hand in crafting their own unique interpretation. The piece itself is a time capsule that draws its diverse styles from the rich history of the saxophone. More than that, it is an opportunity for two people to get together and have a great time making music.

One final note: I feel obligated to warn curious saxophonists that it is quite risky to play two horns at once. After seeing the premiere of this piece, a saxophone student from Baldwin Wallace managed to put a large dent in his Selmer Paris Soprano...

Monday, December 04, 2006

New Mouthpiece

The private screening of the new line of mouthpieces (designed by Jacob Crandall and myself) took place today. Though this is an engineering project, it is music-related, so I thought it would be appropriate to mention. I can't speak about the specific design elements on this website, as it could jeopardize the international patent; however, I can say that the project was well received. There was even time for a live demonstration of one new model!! If this designed is published in the Case magazine, or anywhere else, I will post a link. If not, this is probably the final word.