Friday, January 13, 2006

Alizarin's World by Numbers

The video game project is completed and the final product is online ready to be downloaded. The game is called "Alizarin's World by Numbers". The guest panel from Electronic Arts had this to say:
"The best submission of the night. A solid idea that shares a lot with Kirby's Canvas Curse in terms of movement and Black & White in terms of a gesture system. The really strong part, however, was the brilliant art and music. More of an experiential game than a traditional puzzler, this was a fantastic effort ... [T]he Alizarin team should go to GDC this year and get their game in front of Nintendo. It's that good."

Download the game Here
Visit the Official "Alizarin's World by Numbers" Homepage Here
Read the Case Western Reserve University P.R. Article about Alizarin Here