Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Casanova is Coming

Lock up your daughters! Casanova at Twilight is a scandalous new musical comedy written by Bill Mooney, with original music by Hunter Ewen, based on Casanova’s autobiography. This musical romp through Casanova’s scandalous life is directed by Valorie Goodall, choreographed by Marilyn Cohen, and features Bill Mooney as Old Casanova, Garrett Smith as Young Casanova, with Leigh Holman, Jeffrey Kash, Raouf Zaidan, Emily Murdock, Lukas Graf, Kari Kraakevik, David L’Hommedieu, and Bruce and Jere Mock.

Author Bill Mooney has written a number of plays and one-man shows; he has performed on and off-Broadway; and played the role of Paul Martin in ABC's All My Children for fourteen years. 

Composer Hunter Ewen is completing a Doctoral of Music Arts in composition at CU Boulder. 

Proceeds from the production will benefit the College of Music, ATLAS, and other CU Performing Arts participants.

Parental guidance is advised.