Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Double the Saxes = Double the Fun?

Before you ask--yes, I am playing two saxophones at once (and it's not overdubbed).

There are three recordings floating around of my new piece Laplace Transformers, a duet for saxophone and percussion. The links above are for the full recording (14 Mb, mp3) and a short portion of the score. If this file-size is too big, there is a shorter clip on the compositions page. This particular recording features Ben Rose on percussion and myself on saxophone.

One thing I really like about this piece is that every time it's performed, it sounds different. Music (at least my music) shouldn't be played the same way twice; I want to allow the performers a hand in crafting their own unique interpretation. The piece itself is a time capsule that draws its diverse styles from the rich history of the saxophone. More than that, it is an opportunity for two people to get together and have a great time making music.

One final note: I feel obligated to warn curious saxophonists that it is quite risky to play two horns at once. After seeing the premiere of this piece, a saxophone student from Baldwin Wallace managed to put a large dent in his Selmer Paris Soprano...